Thermal Imaging

Are you getting the whole picture?  Bright Future Inspections provides thermal imaging with every standard home inspection.  Thermal imaging is the technique of using a special camera to detect the heat signatures of objects in your potential home.  Using a thermal imaging camera, we can detect potential electrical issues, moisture intrusion, issues with the heating and cooling system and energy loss.  Thermal imaging can detect things things that our naked eyes cannot, like a sixth sense.  Here’s an example from a recent inspection:

Thermal Image - Living RoomThe cross hair on the thermal image above is pointing to a cold spot on the ceiling of a living room.  After using a moisture meter, it was discovered the spot on the ceiling was cold because it was wet.  This wet spot was not visible with the naked eye.  Thermal imaging proved the funny shingles over the back porch were more serious of an issue than originally thought.

Funny Shingles

This technology is standard issue from Bright Future Inspections.  Thermal imaging isn’t just for the movie Predator anymore.  It’s for your home inspection!

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